AgilePM® Foundation

(16 Hours) | 2 Days



Information in this page is based on the AgilePM® Foundation Syllabus provided by APMG-International.


AgilePM® Foundation Certificate

The Agile Project Management Handbook provides advice, supported by Hints and Tips based on the DSDM approach, on how to manage a project in an Agile way.

Agile Project Management qualifications are currently offered are at two levels: Foundation and Practitioner.

The primary purpose of the syllabus is to provide a basis for accreditation of people involved with Agile Project Management. It documents the learning outcomes related to the use of Agile Project Management and describes the requirements a candidate is expected to meet to demonstrate that these learning outcomes have been achieved at each qualification level.


Target Group

This qualification is aimed at:

·       Practicing project managers

·       Agile team members who wish to become Agile Project Managers.


Learning Objectives

The candidate should understand the key principles and terminology within the Agile Management Foundation guidance. Specifically the candidate should understand:

·        The underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile

·        The lifecycle of an Agile project, including alternative configurations

·        The products produced during an Agile project and their purpose

·        The techniques used and their benefits and limitations

·        The roles and responsibilities within an Agile project.


Prerequisite Entry Criteria



Exam Format

·        Multiple choice format

·        50 questions per paper

·        25 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) - 50%

·        40 minutes duration -  plus extra time for non English native speakers

·        Closed book.


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