AgilePM® Practitioner

(24 Hours) | 3 Days


Information in this page is based on the AgilePM® Practitioner Syllabus provided by APMG-International.

AgilePM® Practitioner Certificate

The Practitioner level qualification aims to measure whether the candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Agile Project Management guidance to apply and tailor it to a given scenario situation. The scenario is designed to allow the candidate to demonstrate they possess the competence to begin working as an Agile Project Manager on a non-complex project.


Target Group

This qualification is aimed at:

·        Practising project managers

·        Agile team members who wish to become Agile Project Managers.


Learning Objectives

The candidate should be able to:

·        Apply the underpinning philosophy and principles of DSDM in a project situation

·        Appropriately configure the lifecycle of an Agile project to a given scenario

·        Produce and evaluate the content of Agile products produced during an Agile project in a given scenario


Apply the following Agile techniques in a project situation: 

·        Facilitated Workshops

·        MoSCoW prioritisation

·        Iterative Development

·        Modelling

·        Timeboxing

·        Identify the Agile techniques to be used for a given situation within a scenario

·        Understand the roles and responsibilities within an Agile project and correctly determine the appropriate personnel to fulfil these roles within a given scenario

·        Understand the mechanisms for control of an Agile Project which are specific to an Agile project

·        Understand in outline how to test, estimate and measure progress in an Agile project

·        Describe the Agile approach to managing requirements and identify action to rectify problems with requirements within an Agile project from a given scenario.


Prerequisite Entry Criteria

·        Agile Project Management Foundation certificate


·        DSDM Foundation certificate


·        DSDM Advanced Practitioner certificate.


Exam Format

·        Objective testing

·        4 questions per paper, 20 marks available per question

·        40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) - 50%

·        2.5 hours duration

·        Open book (restricted to the official manual only) examination.



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