IT assessment is the first-step towards implementing real technology changes to your staff, Processes, and department as a whole.

The Assessment Projects

Before any development is done for any organization, the current situation is measured and assessed against a framework and a standard that will be adopted by the organization. Assessment is carried for a time period suitable for the implementation requirements, and after the project ends, a gap report is developed as a cornerstone for the next phase/project which is the development phase.


This assessment will include the following three parts: 

1.     The first part of the assessment will cover the business to know in which market space it exists and what are the services it provides to what type of customers. Although the assessment is not targeting the business specifically but the business and its strategy are affecting any IT related implementation and adaptation. So to conduct the assessment effectively it should cover first the business, its services and customers. 


2.     The second part of the assessment will cover the processes and controls which control how the work is done every day in an organized, standardized and agreed upon manner to decrease any rework and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the people who are doing work and their output performance. In this part every process is assessed against a customer selected framework or standard.


3.     The third part of the assessment will cover the people and all their roles whether they are documented and organized or not. The assessment includes their ITSM related roles and knowledge and maybe covers their technical background and skills to discover their strengths and weaknesses. There shall be a written assessment for everyone who deals with IT services, their security or those who are dealing with business services or processes which are based on IT services.


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