EGYBYTE as a PECB Authorized Partner is conducting Management Systems (MS) audit services on behalf of PECB to any organization which needs to be certified against ISO standards.

Our audit projects can be any one of the following types:

1-     Initial certification (First year):

·        PRE-AUDIT: This is Optional, and it must be done at least 3 months before Certification Audit

·        AUDIT PLAN: Plan for audit has to be mutually agreed

·        AUDIT STAGE 1 and 2: Non-conformities must be closed at least 3 months after audit conclusions

·        INITIAL CERTIFICATION: Certificate will be issued within 2 weeks after successful audit closing

2-     1st Surveillance Audit (Year 2):

·        AUDIT PLAN

·        SURVEILLANCE AUDIT STAGE 1: No longer than 12 months from the initial certification audit

3-      2nd Surveillance Audit  (Year 3):

·        AUDIT PLAN

·        SURVEILLANCE AUDIT STAGE 2: No longer than 12 months from the 1st surveillance audit

4-     Re-certification Audit

·        Within two months before the triennial certificate expiration



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