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Assess your organization stakeholders’ needs, business processes and people knowledge.

GRC assessment is the first-step towards developing and improving GRC and its respective management systems that moves your organization form the AS-IS state to the TO-BE state safely. With the help of EGYBYTE multi-dimensional MS Framework, which was developed over the last decade and gone through many improvements iterative, enables you to assess your organizations against world GRC well-known best practices, standards and frameworks. Your organization will be assessed based on three pillars, which are business stakeholders’ needs, process maturity and people knowledge, to measure actual maturity level and needed improvements. The detailed assessment report will provide you with all conformities and their respective evidence and nonconformities and clear recommendations on how to remove them internally.


Get your management systems developed properly based on best practices, standards and frameworks

Management systems is how your organization acts on a daily basis to develop, deliver and maintain its provided services/products. Lacking a management system means lacking quality control and wasting resources which lead to low profits and unsatisfied customers. Your organization can have its management systems developed or improved with the help of EGYBYTE multi-dimensional MS Framework and our SMEs’ experiences that come from different disciplines and backgrounds in IT industry. Now your organization can easily have mature management systems including policies, processes, activities, procedures with clear roles and responsibilities in addition to simple and doable CSFs and their respective KPIs to measure goals achievement over time. Now your organization can have an effective internal audit program developed to measure management system conformity internally. Continual improvement framework and management review process will be developed to make your organization keeping improving over time and matching the changing business needs effectively and efficiently.


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Qualification For ISO Certifications

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The experts of the EGYBYTE  for Training and Consultancy qualify all companies to comply with the requirements of the Standard Specifications ISO and be ready to review the granting of the certificate